Cancellation Policy

  1. $US300.00 Deducted from Program Fee - if cancelled after my application has been submitted to sponsor.

  2. $US300.00 Deducted from Program Fee - if interviewed by Sponsor and/or Employer and waiting to confirm placement

  3. US$.600 Deducted from program fee - if cancelled after accepting a job offer and prior to receiving the DS-2019 Form.

  4. US$600 is Deducted - if cancelled after DS-2019 Form is issued.

  5. US$.600 Deducted from Program Fee - if denied the J1 Visa at the US Embassy.  

  6. NO REFUND - if cancelled after the J1 Visa has been issued by the US Embassy and before arrival in the US.

  7. NO REFUND - Once arrive in the US, if terminated from employment due to bad performance, or rule violations.